Characteristics Of Astrological Signs

ARIES wishes frank and direct reports, by nature confident and optimistic
, Gives strength to the actions in which it participates easily.
Idealistic he prefers freedom, and does not engage in complicated projects
TAURUS is considerate and sensitive “loves what he does” family he also has a
Good fork that goes as far as cooking.Posséssif, it hates the vacuum
He is looking for comfort. He is cheerful and friendly.
GEMALS Curious and relevant, the imagination is very structured and goes so far
The caricature to make the relief, light and sensitive suite. Can reach where it wants
And for a specific purpose.Likes the emossions. “Spirit of collector”
CANCER very familiar life dreams with softness, temporary submission and very
Versatile, original but influential. Rarely active he likes childhood, middle
Family, the past., Old furniture, objects ect … .Feminine
LE LION Pursues generous goals. A pleasant and temperate is organized with
Clarity and assumes quiet activities.Cole to model but is very creative with
A lot of kindness. Understanding and patience, enhancement.
VERY attentive and discreet, modest and prudent, knows all that is useful by
Heart, perfectionist sober and practical. Of service does not spare its pain and its
Time, very astute. Adore small animals and maintains everything with efficiency.
BALANCE tact and diplomacy, disappears in your horizon to make you enter
In his.Met people in confidence, open mind and associate .Facility
Relationships and contracts in harmony. Introduces balance and feelings.
SCORPION endurance with its ups and downs.
Shock in the excess to provoke and transform.
Consciousness to force admiration “magnetism” Relieves “tensions” (positive)
SAGITTAIRE Dynamism and opportunism makes projects. Great ideas, think
Always have a role to play somewhere. Large spending and stewardship
Not loving space and adventure, is flexible and relaxed. Goodness and optimism
CAPRICORNE Conviction very strong, spirit of experience and solidity .Methods
And mathematics.Responsibilities and discipline .On a pessimistic background, great
Understanding for the community. Deepens the ”
VERSEAU Friendships and individualism, knows little about borders and without being very
Respectful nevertheless remains very balanced. Not critical but has the trés spirit
Sharpened in an impeccable know-how, corresponds successfully in society.
FISH Great spiritual, emotional and sentimental richness.What is scandalous
For others is not for him. He feels the things that prevail
Meanders that he always thinks of getting out. Calm and placid sees not his weaknesses

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